Quality, specialist escort agency operating in Washington, London & Paris

Co-owned by Kalina Autolic

“Finding high quality company when you are away from home on business can be difficult. Snovi can provide whatever you need, quickly and discreetly. Only customers who have been recommended by like-minded professionals will be accepted.”

  • There’s phone numbers for the 3 offices (London, Paris, Washington) that probably all ring somewhere else (non-traceably),
  • They are answered by someone who has a front cover (i.e. they don’t answer “High-class Hookers, how can we help?”) but if you know the right password (“Monsieur ??? recommended you”), then that opens the brothel conversation about services etc.
  • They will know Kalina and how to contact her.
  • There is unlikely to be a shop-front, though I expect the name is known in the right circles (i.e. MP’s, CEO’s & rich people with certain tastes)
  • Meetings will only be in hotel rooms, or secure flats/houses. Taxi’s to and from.
  • Sideline in blackmail and extortion of the rich and powerful.


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