Lisky Bratva

Ukrainian Mafiya, based in Odessa.

The Lisky Bratva are one of the Russian mafiya; they’ve got their fingers in everything, but their main businesses are arms dealing, human trafficking, and drugs. The vor is an old crook called Josef Lisky. The Ukraine and Russia are their main stomping grounds, but they’ve got cells all over Europe and the Middle East – basically anywhere within the old Soviet sphere.

There are rumors that one of Lisky’s lieutenants, “the Doctor,” is trying to push the old man off the top spot. That could splinter the organization – the Doctor’s not brodyagi, not part of the culture. In fact, if the agents can make contact with some traditionalists within the Lisky Bratva, they may be able to convince them to help the agents deal with the Doctor, assuming he’s the same creepy doctor as the agents saw in Odessa.

“The Doctor” is more fully known as “Dr Dorjiev”. Nikita Akhroyekov is the most traditionalist of the old vor in the Lisky Bratva. Getting his attention and cooperation might require evidence of treason or access to something he desires.

Lisky Bratva

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