Lennart Dossier

Laptop with Lennart's data


Laptop stolen from Brigadier-General Malcolm Lennart in Sarajevo on request of Georg Rudek. Takes weeks or months to trawl through data. Also contains direct links to high security NATO and related databases.

Patrick O’Neil has made two copies.


Hard drive back-up
Laptop clone


  1. Evidence of financial corruption and trafficking involvement in NATO member governments.
  2. The dossier connects the Lisky Bratva’s funding to the conspiracy, and suggests that a lot of their cash comes out of Odessa.
  3. Evidence of weapon smuggling
  4. Clear connections between the conspiracy, the Lisky Bratva and the Black Sea Bank. The takeover of the Koernersbank is seen by most commentators as a bizarre misstep by the Black Sea Bank, with some speculating that the Black Sea Bank is trying to buy respectability and a toehold in Switzerland. Certainly, the move makes little financial sense.
  5. Lennart mentions Overwatch Security (operating in Baghdad) as a suspect organization.
  6. The Dossier mentions Arkady Shevlenko, although Lennart was unable to determine Shevlenko’s relationship to the Conspiracy.
  7. Donald Caroll, an “independent contractor”, is mentioned as a source Lennart used (mainly relating to weapons smuggling) when assembling the dossier.
  8. There are scanned copies of books by Gertrude Bell, Harry Philby and [[T.E. Lawrence]] (of Arabia) in the dossier.
  9. Lennart was recently accessing NATO, Bosnian, Serbian and Croatian records of the Bosnian War. He was focusing on alleged abuses that took place at Gabela camp and foreign paramilitary groups fighting in association with the Croatian Defence Forces (HOS).
  10. CIA, Soviet and Nazi records dating back to WWII
  11. Newspaper clippings and police records relating to certain murders in Europe through the 20th and early 21st Century

Lennart Dossier

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