Rosario Marchoni


Rosario Marchoni was not like other priests.

The Catholic Church boasts over one billion members across the world, practising their faith in hundreds of different languages. On rare occasions, the Christian message can become misaligned, embellished, lost in translation. Sometimes, even well meaning faith leaders might start down a path that is not compatible with Vatican doctrine.

In those cases, a special ordained minister can be dispatched to redirect the message. They act as the Vatican’s gentle, guiding hand – as from a loving parent – to get things back on the straight and narrow.

But Rosario Marchoni was not like other priests.

Wherever religious worship is deliberately cultivated into fervour and fanaticism; where evil seeks to exploit the weakness of the human spirit for selfish ends. Where the message of God is warped in order to deceive, to facilitate greed and sin: that is Rosario’s place. He was the Holy See’s secret asset, a final intervention, to prevent conviction becoming catastrophe.

Through constant exposure to the dark heart of man, Rosario learned many things. Truths that both challenged and renewed his faith. But his greatest test, the one that has shaped his life in the years since, was one that came from within the walls of the Vatican itself.

Rosario Marchoni is no longer a priest. He has been cast out, excommunicated and expelled from the holy city. But he has continued to do God’s work wherever, however he can.

His past gives him insight into the plight of those that also serve in the shadows. He’s a man you can go to when asked to kill but couldn’t. Or when maybe you just wish you couldn’t.

He’s an easy man to talk to, quick to smile and slow to judge. Rumour has it he’s even a good man to have beside you when trouble comes your way.


Rosario Marchoni

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