Nathaniel L Jackson

A US Army trained, ex-CIA, combat hardened, proud father and bad-ass.


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Academic Abilities General Abilities
Accounting Athletics 8
Archaeology Conceal 4
Architecture 1 Cover 10
Art History Digital Intrusion
Criminology Disguise
Diagnosis Driving 4
History 1 Explosive Devices
Human Terrain 2 Filch
Languages 2 Gambling
Law Hand-To-Hand 8
Military Science 2 Infiltration
Occult Studies Mechanics 4
Research Medic
Interpersonal Abilities Network 15
Bullshit Detector 1 Piloting
Bureaucracy Preparedness 4
Cop Talk 1 Sense Trouble 4
Flattery Shooting 8
Flirting Shrink
High Society Surveillance 5
Interrogation 1 Weapons 8
Intimidation 1
Reassurance 2
Streetwise 1
Tradecraft 1
Technical Abilities
Astronomy 1
Data Recovery
Electronic Surveillance 1
Forensic Pathology
Forgery 1
Outdoor Survival 2
Traffic Analysis
Urban Survival 2
Early Life Military Life Agency Life Post-Agency
1963-1981 1981-1992 1992-2010 2010-present

Early Life

Born Nathaniel Lane Jackson, June 30th 1963, in Little Rock, AK. Jackson’s early life was spent moving from town to town. His father, Lute Jackson, an automobile mechanic, departed prior to his third birthday. His mother, Myriam Levine, raised him alone, despite a steady stream of step-fathers, often working long hours as a waitress or store-help.

Jackson finally found stability in his high school, Woodson High, Abiline, TX. A proficient football player, playing defensive tackle, and also covering second on the baseball team. His contributions on the field meant that he received extra academic support where he excelled in languages and arts. He also caught the eye of recruiters and duly signed up for the US Army immediately after graduation.

During training in Fort Jackson, his mother was injured breaking up a bar fight. She suffered an undiagnosed head injury and was found two days later. She had died in her sleep. As an immediate reaction, Jackson, drank heavily and fought with both fellow cadets and locals. It was touch-and-go as to whether he would be allowed to resume training, and the official record would stay with him throughout is army career.

Military Life

Following basic training, which was postponed due to special circumstances, Jackson, joined the 8th Infantry Division, where he was stationed out of Wiesbaden, West Germany. He thrived in the regulated environment and quickly progressed through the ranks. In addition to his assigned duties he took to learning combat techniques. By the Spring of 1990, he had risen to the rank of Master Sergeant and had become a senior combat instructor. He had also met, Mia Sondheim, a Jewish-German, who’s family has fled Germany but she was now returning in search of her heritage. By the beginning of 1991, they had a daughter, Lisabet Myriam Jackson.

His platoon was often assigned to work alongside local government organisations as well as on assignment in support of operations in the build up to Operation Desert Storm. It is very likely that he was posted to then Czechoslovakia, and surrounding countries. It was on such an assignment in Southern Turkey that he worked with then CIA Field Director, REDACTED, saw potential in Jackson. When the 8th Division was disbanded at the beginning of 1992, Jackson accepted an offer to join as a CIA operative with immediate effect. He shortly married Mia, and both she and his daughter Lisabet, relocated with him to Fredericksberg, VA.

Agency Life


Post-Agency Life


Nathaniel L Jackson

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