Katya Lavrova

KatЯ ЛaВроВ. Late 30's? Approx 5'7" Russian. Blue eyes, Often dark blond hair.


Known Covers
Kalina Antolich.
Croatian. Owner of “Snovi” escort agency, offices London, Washington & Paris.
Katy Meadows – US Passport
Catherine Tautine – French Passort

Believed to have purchased 10 Eastern Europeans from Markan, purposes & delivery destination unknown.

Dresses flashily, but expensive. Known to be in Zagreb in October 2012.


“People always the weakest link. To be success at the work we do, we need right tools, and people are the tools. They are weak and gullible – some nice words, a smile and they will do what you want. Easier to get them to kill each other, than get blood on own hands.”
Personal statement, Field Assessment, October, 1995

Born: 1979? Chechnya/Dagestan? Russia (Caucasus Mountain region)
Family: Unknown
Birthday – Unknown, uses 13th May.

  • Recruited by GRU Talent Scout from orphanage in early 90’s.
  • Proved her worth as people manager and manipulator.
  • Taken into Semya programme, building base of agents that do not meet typical GRU agent profile. (white, male, 35-55 years old).
  • Trained at the Aquarium (and other locations) as asset handler and social infiltration specialist, First Directorate

Conditioner/Mentor: Basic training to 94, Yasha K. 94-01, Unknown 01-05, G. Brestin 05-09

Post training, she worked internationally, initially on military interests, but increasingly on building high-level political and corporate links in the West as Russian state focus changed from military intelligence, to financial and corporate secrets.

She was dragged back to Russia for an operation deep in Chechnya combating insurgents in 2009. This went horrifically wrong and she went off grid, her Russia has become a corrupt state, a house of thieves and gamblers.

She has lived from cover to cover and, although a well-known face in certain circles, few know her real name.

Known preferences
Kizlyarka vodka

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Katya Lavrova

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