Anton Dedopovic (deceased)

A mid-level gangster in the Naša Stvar


A mid-level gangster in the Nasa Stvar


A killer and rapist during the war, after the Dayton Accords he became a big wheel in the Nasa Stvar, the Serbian mafia. He is wired a million different ways in Serbia and the Serbian
zone of Bosnia; his main interests are human trafficking and heroin, but he serves as a useful cut-out for any number of operators in the former Yugoslavia.

Reputedly, he usually “stays bought,” at least for the length of a given operation.

Dedopovic has been seen in Switzerland on more than one occasion, and the word on the street is that he might be trying to use a Zurich clinic or private hospital to set up a heroin ring in that country.

He was killed by the agents at the cemetery at Gostilj. His last words were “You can’t kill me – I’m going to live forever!”

Anton Dedopovic (deceased)

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